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Staffing services refer to the business of providing companies with temporary, permanent, or contract workers to fill specific roles within their organization. These services are often provided by staffing agencies or firms, also known as employment agencies, recruitment agencies, or manpower agencies.

The primary goal of staffing services is to connect employers with qualified individuals who possess the skills and experience necessary for a particular job. These services can be utilized across various industries and for a wide range of positions, including entry-level roles to executive positions.

Key aspects of staffing

Businesses often turn to staffing services to streamline their hiring processes, access a larger pool of candidates, and quickly fill positions with qualified individuals. Staffing agencies typically maintain databases of potential candidates, conduct interviews, and handle administrative tasks related to hiring, such as background checks and payroll processing.

Temporary Staffing 70%
Permanent Staffing 80%
Contract Staffing 60%
Specialized Staffing 60%